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A Surveillance Net Blankets China’s Cities, Giving Police Vast Powers

The authorities can scan your phones, track your face and find out when you leave your home. One of the world’s biggest spying networks is aimed at regular people, and nobody can...

This is why it is important to keep the Internet free of government influence. Otherwise, it will be shut down by authoritarian regimes around the world.

The "letting politicians lie on social media" is a red herring. That may be the rhetoric used to clamp down on Facebook ads, but it will end up hurting community activists, nonprofits, and all legitimate businesses that advertise on the platform.

In the struggle to allow political advertising on Facebook (which practically every group affiliated with ideas does) Peter Thiel is the silent hero. Let's hope Zuck takes his advice

Vaping ban in Alberta would harm public health

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There's a simple reason your new smart TV was so affordable: It's collecting and selling your data, and serving you ads

Students For Liberty : des étudiants se battent pour la liberté via

Two years ago, I was shamed and ridiculed for saying we'd be better off, and now we're better off.

Internet freedom matters, and we should continue to support it!


Remember when everyone online said the Internet would be doomed without ? Pages like Reddit blacked out their page and called an emergency. Some politicians said it was DOOMSDAY.

Does it surprise you they were wrong?

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