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The Tea Party is dead and Trump has failed as a fiscal conservative

I believe the word is “capitulate”

Apple changes Crimea map to meet Russian demands

👋🏼 to awkward high school acquaintances also in town for Thanksgiving

Guys like walk the walk on this 💪 Lastly: The huge reduction in smoking has come in part due to vaping. It has extended the lives for millions of people who would otherwise be parting too soon. Shouldn’t that be celebrated rather than buried beneath the lede on every story related to vaping and harm reduction? Fifth: In speaking about banning devices or flavors, we’re not talking about doing away with a single company or one bad actor. What is being proposed by many is an outright eradication of a choice of consumers. Fourth: Public health groups claim we don’t need these flavors, but the rallies of thousands of vapers across the country and even more vocal online demonstrate that these people do care and what their freedom of choice. Third: Flavors in vape juice are known to be key factors in getting an adult to put down the cigarette and pick up the vaping device instead. Second: The panic around vaping is well-intentioned and deemed necessary by its soothsayers, but it has demonized a life-saving technology that is at risk of being regulated to death. First: The health departments of the United Kingdom, New Zealand, and Canada endorse the use of vaping to curb smoking. We’d be smart to follow their lead.

In the comparison between privacy email services (protonmail, etc.) vs. my own email server with PGP, I tend to favor my own.

Am I wrong to do so?

The front-runners for the Democratic presidential nomination are moving away from the charter school movement, and black and Latino families ask why

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