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The modern web is becoming an unusable, user-hostile wasteland omarabid.com/the-modern-web

Bad Science, Unscrupulous Lawyers It's Time For Legal Reform


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House representatives who claim authority by reminding us they were in office during the last impeachment of a president (21 years ago) don't sound as cool as they think they do

*Day in the life of 2019 congressman*
get my 5 min video clip on C-SPAN
hit up the email list
"chip in $10 to ______ President Trump"
hit the vote thingy
relax with a G&T in the office
get talking points for next day's media circus

Every congressman who says "THE Ukraine" should be impeached

Les misères du système de santé canadien : listes d’attente, équipement désuet et pénuries de personnel

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