I tell you, there is something exciting about these Market Democrats: free trade and rejection of socialism all the way

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A reminder that tariffs only hurt consumers. They're taxes by another name. We want free trade, not trade wars


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Forget the major news networks. Forget Bernie Sanders .. you want to get low down on , govt run "free" everything & how it works ... @YaelOss@twitter.com breaks it down better than anyone Ive heard or watched on the news. twitter.com/YaelOss/status/113

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By my colleague @ClementLiberty@twitter.com: Trudeau’s 'plastic ban' won’t help the environment. It could actually harm it instead business.financialpost.com/wcm via @nationalpost@twitter.com

Great discussing democratic socialism, European healthcare, education, and consumer choice with @JoeCats19@twitter.com on @wfbtfm@twitter.com

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Asking a question on and 5G at @FEPS_Europe@twitter.com @cescobrasil@twitter.com

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Bravo les boys – regarde donc le résultat quand on donne le monople du cannabis à l'État. Il nous faut CONCURRERNCE ––> La SQDC a perdu 4,9M$ malgré des revenus de 71M$ journaldequebec.com/2019/06/12

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Deputy Director @YaelOss@twitter.com of the @Consumer@twitter.com Choice Center spoke in front of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration about smart CBD regulation.


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Through an American lens, Western Europe’s middle classes appear smaller pewrsr.ch/2rKKRs0

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LIVE 7-10A ET - The Big Talker 106.7FM (bigtalkerfm.com) - @YaelOss@twitter.com @ConsumerChoiceC@twitter.com talks , & at 830a! @GOP@twitter.com Spokesperson @LizRNC@twitter.com at 905a! Plus, Andy Blackburn, local HVAC co. owner is working to fill skills gap for employment! He's in at 930a!

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Today is the one year anniversary of the death of the Internet.

Mark the occasion with a joke about how it costs 7 cents to send a tweet.


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Consumer privacy must be priority theintelligencer.com/opinion/a via @theEdwi@twitter.com w/ @MBarczentewicz@twitter.com @ConsumerChoiceC@twitter.com

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Really proud of the work the CCC is doing in Brazil to tear down digital barriers twitter.com/cescobrasil/status

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Great podcast about the French protests from @nytimes@twitter.com – but absolutely no mention that these tax hikes were applied to follow the mandate of the Paris Climate Accords – there are real costs here that will make make life harder for everyone. That must be considered

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