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8a- @Chad_Adams@twitter.com talks
830a- Carolina Beach Councilwoman LeAnn Pierce
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930a- @YaelOss@twitter.com of @ConsumerChoiceC@twitter.com

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Seattle-area rents drop significantly for first time this decade as new apartments sit empty | The Seattle Times l.yael.at/25

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Why Hong Kong Matters matters for consumer privacy, economic freedom, and free trade omny.fm/shows/ccc/why-hong-kon @YaelOss@twitter.com on @wfbtfm@twitter.com w/ @JoeCats19@twitter.com

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Why Hong Kong Matters: Economic Freedom, Free Trade, Rule of Law omny.fm/shows/ccc/why-hong-kon interview with @yaeloss@twitter.com on @wfbtfm@twitter.com by @JoeCats19@twitter.com

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However interesting Dan Crenshaw may have been some months ago, he’s actually pretty disappointing on foreign policy. War is Peace. youtu.be/MIWrmgPNUqQ

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HK protest’s “leaderless” movement is a beautiful exercise in systemic change and coordination without heroes. It’s an educational and (dare I say it) inspirational paradigm to follow as more community-based movements gain momentum.


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It’s important that we stand with activists who fight for the principles we hold dear

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On July 27th, prominent blogger Yegor Zhukov was arrested in Moscow for taking part in a peaceful protest.

Support Yegor by sharing this post with the hashtag .

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Renewed love for Amelia Earhart, scooter champion 🛴

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Amelia Earhart and June Travis in an electric scooter, 1935.

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Looking forward to the Barstool Economics Podcast

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Was my Union controversy the most overblown controversy in the history of Barstool Sports? barstoolsports.com/video/13968

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Have federal policies wiped out half the illegal market? No, they haven't. In this @nationalpost@twitter.com article I explain why the recent 50% claim is false, and why the black market still persists. nationalpost.com/opinion/the-l

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China will have 'one CCTV camera for every TWO PEOPLE by next year' l.yael.at/24

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