I tell you, there is something exciting about these Market Democrats: free trade and rejection of socialism all the way

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A reminder that tariffs only hurt consumers. They're taxes by another name. We want free trade, not trade wars


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Asking a question on and 5G at @FEPS_Europe@twitter.com @cescobrasil@twitter.com

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Last week, Gov. Roy Cooper signed House Bill 363, the Craft Beer Distribution and Modernization Act.

CCC's @YaelOss@twitter.com applauded the move but said more needs to be done for true alcohol reform in North Carolina: bit.ly/2I7Iyai

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A buddy on the east coast just sent this to me.

They put the “Making Of A Youtube Radical” collage on the front page of the Sunday edition of the @nytimes@twitter.com.

Now it appears that I’m also a part of a “stew of emotional content”?

I’m gonna ditch the Internet today. See you Monday. twitter.com/phillyd/status/113

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I am a willing subscriber to @F1@twitter.com's premium plan. But I cannot order it because I'm using a card from abroad. This is the type of geo-blocking that shouldn't exist in today's global economy

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This is what @Twitter@twitter.com has become...
People who are too afraid to have a conversation but still have opinions about something...

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“Flyscam” — Make Flying Expensive Again So Only The Rich Can Afford It

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Sweden has invented a word to encourage people not to fly: bit.ly/2K38l5u

The @ConsumerChoiceC@twitter.com launched the movement to address this wave of flight-shaming and preserve your right to fly. Join the fight today! bit.ly/2WkYMBj

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