What ‘Rights’ Do We Have When We’re Talking About Our Private Online Data?

by @anjiecast@twitter.com reason.com/2019/10/22/what-rig

Live on CBC Toronto at 5:40PM EST to talk about what expats think of the Canadian election @CBCHereandNow@twitter.com


Europeans Attacking Trump Over Turkey Haven’t a Leg to Stand On | The American Conservative theamericanconservative.com/ar via @amconmag@twitter.com @wirtzbill@twitter.com

In high school, we’d go to parks after dark to sit and talk, only to have the cops show up.

“Y’all can’t be here this late”
“But it’s a public park”
“Yeah, but it’s closed”
“Where should we go after dark then, it’s only 8PM?”
“Y’all can go to Wal-Mart”


I much agree! But let's say he'd recommend vastly different solutions than I could ever endorse :)

"Economic rights are human rights"

– Bernie Sanders

Be honest: is there really every a good guest rapper on a song?

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